Thursday, September 20, 2012

First trip to the zoo

Lucky us ran into Kathryn and Quinn at the zoo. Kathryn takes the best pictures. 

I thought for sure he wouldn't care about any of it. But after starting out timidly, the goats in the petting zoo soon had him in hysterics and doing his version of petting - grabbing handfuls and pulling.

He was pretty into the giraffes too. (See my face getting in the way of his happy clap?)

Maybe he'll be an animal person despite his mother.

Apparently these two are related

Playing peek-a-boo when Wells was about 5 months. 

This week - promise we didn't set this up.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Allergic to Utah

The picture on the left is from our trip to Utah mid-August. The one on the right is from this weekend. The red nose/cheeks/forehead show up within a day of arriving in Utah and after one night back home they were completely gone. When I say he's allergic to Utah I'm mostly joking - but maybe kind of not?

College girls

One of the perks of going to a wedding in UT - these two!


Flying to Utah - again. You'd think by now we'd be pros at this. We're not. 

Rehearsal dinner - TJ killed it with his best man speech. He had all his siblings help and it was complete with our favorite Robert stories (he only looked properly angry with TJ once...), silly gifts and slideshows. 

I got shockingly few photos of the day / this weekend in general. There's no good excuse for it. 

Outdoor garden reception was lovely. Never ending supply of acorns on the ground for Wells to try and eat was less lovely.  And about these photo strips: For the photo on the top right I said "pout!' - TJ chose to go with the other definition.

Friday, September 7, 2012


They say that at 9m babies don't understand 'no'. I respectfully disagree. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This guy loves his Grandma


First night away

Mum took Wells for the night so we could have a little college roommate reunion at Zermatt in Midway. Wells and I both handled it great. We should do it again soon Mum. 

Utah snippets

Dropping off Cori and Shelly at uni -- can you tell which one is the freshman? 

Wells has a signature move - when he likes another kid he crawls over as close as he can get and then turns and sits on them. This little girl (6m older than Wells) didn't love it.

First carousel ride

Fifth's disease. (To be followed later that week by a head cold, gastro-intestinal virus and ear infection. Brilliant).

Cousin time.

Blue Boar breakfast (its a Midway tradition).

A Houston friends reunion. (remember these guys?)